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Hail Seitan — (Releasing August 2017) Working on the “Hail Seitan” cookbook was a special project for me. I have worked with many restaurants and foodies while freelancing but always was on the creative branding side.  I was a vegetarian for 7 years before taking a two-year hiatus to really experience and taste new foods again. Coming back into the vegetarian scene, I wanted to try veganism and in doing that thought I could take the flavors and cuisines I’ve tasted and transform them into vegan friendly versions.

Writing this book came so easy, I took a stroll around Whole Foods and stocked my kitchen with vegan foods and began to brainstorm. I rarely know what I am going to make, but I throw together things and make sure each component has a place in the dish. I incorporated some of my favorite cuisines and dishes and started making vegan versions. I asked my veggie friends to also give me their favorite recipes and compiled, rewrote, and prepared the document for print.

After writing the initial draft, I developed a plan to self-publish “Hail Seitan.” The goal of this project was to create a fun vegan cookbook that is easy to follow and made from quality fresh ingredients. The obstacle was publishing the book for print and digital outlets while making it interactive and innovative.

I wanted the book to have the feeling of an old typed manual, but with something inventive. Today cookbooks are more than just text, they need to incorporate more stylistic photography as well as visual steps for visual learners. I wanted to create a print book that can be accompanied by an app to show the steps digitally. Preparing these assets for print and digital outlets took creativity and an understanding of the publishing landscape.

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